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Open Future

Barrabés | Madrid

I led the user experience team for the redesign of Telefonica´s global entrepreneurs' network Telefonica Open Future.

I worked in an Agile environment along with the client. I also supervised the whole design process from the design and ideation strategy, mood map development, user interaction specifications, card sorting tests, user journeys, wireframing, and accessibility checks.

I am very keen on home pages and see them as a great entry point to drive users to the right content. The home pages that appeal to me are the ones that really talk to the users and I always try to design them in a way that the user feels accompanied and led to the right content.

This is an example of it. I designed a home that was readable at three different levels. First it was very visual and this allowed the user to scroll fast and get a quick feeling of what the site was about, with big panels, short texts and a balanced layout. Then, at a second level, users could easily spot the latest events and opportunities, a couple of tools they could use etc. And at a third level, if by the time the user had scrolled all the way down and had not clicked anywhere yet, at the very end of the page, a friendly question appears "Not sure where to start from? We will help you find what you are looking for...". Then a menu with user-centered affirmations based on the user´s needs would unfold elegantly.



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